There's More to MASCARA than Meets the Eye


Eyelash curler – is it really safe?

An eyelash curler is a beauty gadget loved by thousands of women in the world. It is used almost as often as mascara. Is it true that the eyelash curler destroy our eyelashes? Is there anything else that we should know about it? Men who encounter the eyelash curler for the first time seem to […]

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Let’s stop your eyelashes from falling out!

A loss in the eyelashes can be a sign of serious illness or poor care, improper cosmetics or treatments can easily impair the condition of eyelashes. Why do they fall out and how to stop it? What is more effective: castor oil or eyelash conditioner? Why do eyelashes fall out? These are some of the […]

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How to use the eyelash curler – a step-by-step guide

Some women have naturally beautiful eyelashes and a good-quality mascara is enough to emphasize it. Unfortunately, others are not that lucky and must try harder. With the second group of women in mind, the eyelash curler was created. It is a mechanical device used for curling eyelashes. In fact, it resembles small scissors, but without […]

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Applying mascara – the most important stage of eye makeup

Can you image yourself going out without having your mascara on? If no, you are like a majority of women. The application of mascara is regarded as the central point of makeup. We might forget to apply lipstick. All in all, not every women like wearing it. We might also omit applying bronzer and highlighter, […]

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