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Eyelash curler – is it really safe?

An eyelash curler is a beauty gadget loved by thousands of women in the world. It is used almost as often as mascara. Is it true that the eyelash curler destroy our eyelashes? Is there anything else that we should know about it?

Men who encounter the eyelash curler for the first time seem to be a bit confused. It is probably because it resembles scissors. Generally, it does not raise any positive feelings, that’s why men are usually surprised that women so willingly use this ‘torture device’. Let’s check if the eyelash curler really is safe for eyelashes, or is it really harmful?

How it works?

Obviously, the eyelash curler’s task is to curl our eyelashes. Put your eyelashes between the eyelash clamps and gently close it. Thanks to this, they are nicely shaped, curled and look much better when painted.
The electric eyelash works a bit differently. It resembles a small curler which curls the eyelashes only with the help of heat.

How to use the eyelash curler?

The use of it should not be a problem for anyone. However, you must remember that even such a simple device can cause some harm to your eyelashes. So how to use it properly?

  1. Use the eyelash curler before applying mascara.
  2. Gently close the clamp as close to the base of the eyelashes as possible.
  3. Hold t down for a few seconds.
  4. Open the clamp gently.
  5. Repeat on the eyelashes of the other eye.

Does the eyelash curler destroy eyelashes?

Yes, but only if it is used improperly or too often. The eyelashes that are curled too often tend to break, fall out or crumble. It is important that is still a mechanical action that can damage the condition of our eyelashes. We may prevent it from happening, if we follow a few simple rules.

How not to use the eyelash curler?

  1. Do not use it on painted eyelashes.
  2. Do not squeeze the clamp too hard.
  3. Do not use the eyelash curler without protective rubbers.
  4. Do not try to remove your eyelashes before opening the clamp.
  5. Do not use it too often, e.g. several times a day.
  6. Never pull or jerk the curler.

A high-end eyelash curler is the key

It is a gadget that can cause mechanical damage to our eyelashes. Especially if we use an old one. Few people know that protective pads should be replaced regularly. It is worth noticing that even the best eyelash curler can be damaging to eyelashes – it can bend, break or make them fragile.