There's More to MASCARA than Meets the Eye

Remedy for Gorgeous Lashes – Diet, Oils, Serums & Mascaras

How can you make your lashes fabulous and vital? Four things matter: balanced diet, applying an oil regularly, eyelash serum and a suitable mascara. Check if you have it all.

An eyelash is a hair – much smaller than the head hair yet it still needs hydration, nourishment and regeneration. You should devote some time every day to conditioning your lashes in order to enjoy natural eye definition – no mascara, no lash extensions. What’s the best way to get gorgeous lashes?

A diet for fab lashes

Beauty comes from within, therefore, a proper diet is the key. What to eat to have healthy, luminous lashes? Mostly minerals such as zinc, silicon and selenium, as well as vitamins A and E, omega fatty acids and proteins (after all, protein makes up hair and lashes). You find these ingredients in products such as fish, red meat, eggs, Brussels sprouts, nuts and grain legumes.

Eyelash oil treatment

You can apply oil treatments to hair, right? Why not try the same for your lashes? A properly-composed blend of oils or one cosmetic oil having proper qualities work wonders. Castor oil, argan oil and almond oil are the best oil choices for lashes. However, we’re spoilt for choice and you can pick the oil you want. How to treat lashes with oils? A child’s play – slightly dampen a cotton pad using warm water, soak it in a few drops of the oil and use it for wiping the eyes. Do it after makeup removal or use the oil for taking makeup off (cut out for waterproof cosmetics). No matter what you choose, remember one thing – gentleness.

Eyelash serum

Even the most balanced diet and the best oil won’t be enough. Gorgeous lashes are the result of systematic and thought-out lash care. Eyelash serum is a must-have product and you can’t dream about the hot look without it. Applying an oil to eyelashes won’t enhance the growth as much as a professional serum. Generally, serums contain lash growth stimulating ad regenerating substances, delivering length, thickening and volume. You should choose products with thin applicators instead of a mascara brush because in this way the product easily reaches your lash bulbs.

A lash-enhancing mascara

We analyze the ingredients of mascaras too rarely. A mascara is a product which stays in contact with lashes the longest – we wear it almost all day long, nearly every day. If we really care for fabulous eyelashes, we must carefully look into mascaras we buy. Pick lash-conditioning mascaras, namely, mascaras which moisturise, nourish and repair apart from delivering lash definition and long-lasting makeup effect. It is possible thanks to additional nutrients and the lack of toxic, harmful substances building up on lashes.