There's More to MASCARA than Meets the Eye

No. 12 Lancôme Oscillation


Oscillation mascara is untypical. It’s been made for all women who go after perfection in makeup and desire flawless eyelashes. Lancome equipped the product with a vibrating wand which applies the entire lash makeup for us. You just place the wand at the lash base – gentle vibes deliver an even coating, ideal separation and curl. Lancome calls its product a technology jewel.

This battery-operated mascara has a tiny button so you can decide if you want to press it and coat lashes with the help of 7.000 oscillations or put makeup on in a traditional way.

Lancome mascara is supposed to style the eyelashes like no other mascara. You can get spectacular effect of outrageously long and separated lashes yet… not right away. The success largely depends on your skill at using the vibrating wand. The effect is either mind-blowing or – at least, at the beginning – miserable.

The mascara has a very good, silicone brush that surely makes for the exceptional look. Thanks to the wand, you get an amazing separation and even coating of a mascara that’s really well-pigmented and flake-free.

Oscillation mascara contains natural waxes, including beeswax and palm wax (kanabua). They aim at moisturising and replenishing the eyelashes as well as amping up the shine.

Jojoba Oil, included in the mascara, conditions the eyelashes delivering vitamin E, known as the vitamin of youth. Panthenol is to soothe irritations.

The mascara has a capacity of 8 ml and costs around $37. Are the innovative technology of a vibrating brush and conditioning ingredients worth the price? You must see it for yourself.


The mascara is intended for all women, especially for the ones who have little time for applying makeup in the morning and expect their look to be flawless and stunning. Another benefit – the product works for contact lens wearers.


Feel free to use it in a traditional way like you do with any other mascara or press the button and let the vibrating wand do the job.

  • a very good, silicone brush
  • innovative technology (vibrating wand)
  • very good pigments
  • long-wear, flake-proof
  • the effect of lengthened, separated and thickened lashes
  • suitable for contact lens wearers
  • the vibrating wand requires some skill and precision while applying makeup
  • if you’re not experienced, you can easily get sticking-together lashes and smear the eyelids
  • if your eyelashes are fragile, you may have an unpleasant feeling of tearing and pulling them because of the vibrating brush

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