There's More to MASCARA than Meets the Eye

No. 1 Lashcode

Lashcode - number one mascara


Lashcode is a brilliant mascara. The tube catches the eye. A simple, elegant bottle looks chic and it’s going to satisfy the most demanding tastes. It’s made from metal so it’s really durable and is going to go through the longest journeys in the beauty case.

Lashcode mascara tube conceals an ideally-shaped silicone wand that goes with all lash types and grabs the tiniest eyelashes. The precise brush plus the highest-quality, conditioning ingredients make the key to flawless and healthy lashes. As a result, Lashcode makes the lash line fuller and intensifies the look. The mascara has a comfy consistency and perfect pigmentation. It works well during makeup application because it leaves no smudges or clumps. The product doesn’t leave lashes sticking-together. It lets you build the extreme length and volume as well as create the impression of full lash line – the million lashes effect. Ultra-black and highly-saturated pigments make the eyelashes look incredible even in the intensive lighting. Lashcode is an extraordinary mascara because apart from the flawless makeup, it guarantees intensive nourishing and improved looks mixed with lash growth-supporting ingredients.

The mascara ensures an amazing coating and effective nourishing and regeneration. Lashcode has a lash-friendly, velvety and slightly-powdery consistency so it neither clumps nor settles in excess yet lets us enjoy the fan of lashes effect. Lashcode lasts very long and keeps the ideal formula. Even after a few months, it doesn’t dry out and delivers the finest quality in makeup.


Lashcode Mascara is intended for all lash types. It ensures a spotless and precise makeup and mind-blowing looks thanks to lash-repairing and strengthening ingredients. The consistency, which allows for the gradual building of eye makeup intensity, makes the mascara cut out for the everyday, go-to as well as bold, evening look.


Hold the spiral brush horizontally and coat the longest lashes (with the widest part of the wand). Next, move it gently to both sides and grab the short and tiny lashes (including the ones in the eye corners). Lashcode leaves the eyelashes perfectly coated after the very first layer yet you can upgrade the length and volume for a dramatic look.

  • striking length and volume
  • amazing curl and separation
  • ingredients supporting the lash growth
  • the hypoallergenic silicone of the brush
  • flexible bristles and well-shaped applicator – flawless makeup in a moment
  • long-wear, flake-free and smudge-proof formula
  • creating day and evening makeup
  • an intense, well-pigmented, deep color
  • high-quality conditioning ingredients in large quantities
  • a beautiful, minimalist bottle for classy women
  • suitable for contact lenses’ wearers
  • just one color version
  • good quality has a quite high price

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