There's More to MASCARA than Meets the Eye

Is mascara worth using?

A mascara is the first beauty product that a teenage girl buys when she starts wondering about her attractiveness. Without the mascara, the entire makeup makes no sense, looking cartoonish and grotesque. On the other hand, mascara-coated lashes are enough to look stunning.

A quick sweep of a mascara wand immediately gives you the eye definition and intensity. Eyes get a spark. It’s like using an elixir of beauty.

When it comes to sales’ statistics, mascaras outclass the red lipstick – the sex-appeal symbol. Every woman knows that conversing with a man starts with a first, attractive look, not with the first word uttered.

That’s why women cherish mascaras. You can have a bunch of cheap, bought-on-impulse makeup products but this one is always the priciest and well-thought-out. Number one, the absolute ruler in a beauty bag – mascara.

There’s nothing more irritating than the choice of a wrong, clumpy and flaky mascara. In the pursuit of an ideal, we’re ready for paying every price.

What should an iconic mascara be like? What are our expectations? What eyelash vision is it going to let us realize? What does the perfect mascara wand look like? Finally, the mascara itself: what should the ingredients be to let us amaze with the look?

Here’s the list of the best mascaras

1 nanolash mascara


Description The Nanolash mascaras are game-changing eye makeup products. We are offered advanced eyelash care and two versions to choose from: eyelash thickening effects with the Volume Up Mascara or lengthening and curling with the Length & Curl Mascara. The innovative mascaras are a combo of nutritional ingredients and advanced solutions [...]

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2 Lashcode - number one mascara


DESCRIPTION Lashcode is a brilliant mascara. The tube catches the eye. A simple, elegant bottle looks chic and it’s going to satisfy the most demanding tastes. It’s made from metal so it’s really durable and is going to go through the longest journeys in the beauty case. Lashcode mascara tube conceals an ideally-shaped silicone wand […]

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Chanel Le Volume

DESCRIPTION Simply – Chanel. Simply – Le Volume. A simple name. Instead of a diversity of colors, the traditional, almost ascetic, and consequently, classy tube attracts the eye with the subtlety. A simple bottle is covered in black and decorated with a small white Chanel name (next to the cap). Simplicity and seriousness. Chanel is […]

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Dior Addict It-Lash

DESCRIPTION Dior Mascara comes in a lovely packaging which is characteristic for the Addict It range. The bottle is black, rectangular and decorated with a silver ball on top. It looks truly exclusive, unusual and refined. The tube has a neat writing. It can’t be denied – Dior designed one of the most interesting mascara […]

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Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume

DESCRIPTION Both the packaging and effect of Maxi Lash So Volume are astonishing. An irregular, black bottle with a golden pattern gives an interesting visual effect. The mascara tube looks like a gold bar. It’s like the brand suggests you hold some treasure. The product is supposed to give an intensive thickening and actually the […]

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Giorgio Armani Eccentrico

DESCRIPTION Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Mascara is a unique and exclusive product. The bottle catches the eye with an intensely red cap and the designer’s small and round logo. The design is black and red. The bottle has a classic, oval shape. It attracts attention and stands out among other lash-makeup products. Inside the bottle, there’s […]

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Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll

DESCRIPTION Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll Mascara is an innovative version of the traditional Volume Effet Faux Cils. Why innovative? It comes with a high-quality, silicone brush. The spiral arouses interest. It’s a micro-faceted brush that grabs every eyelash, stretching it and precisely coating. This definitely delivers multiplied volume [...]

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Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain

DESCRIPTION Le 2 de Guerlain is a special-task cosmetic. Thanks to two spirals – housed in a fancy golden tube – the eye makeup is perfect. Ideally-coated, long eyelashes (thanks to the bigger, silicone brush) and perfect makeup of the corner and thinnest lashes (with the small, fiber brush). Le 2 de Guerlain is popular […]

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Helena Rubinstein Surrealist Everfresh

DESCRIPTION Surrealist Everfresh is an innovative mascara launched by Helena Rubinstein. It draws attention with the interesting and unusual design. The bottle is transparent so you can see the content. Firstly, you can control how much you’ve used up. Secondly, you can check if the product is still fresh and good-quality. While creating [...]

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Lancome Grandiose

DESCRIPTION Grandiose Mascara’s packaging arouses interest. It’s a plump, intensely-black bottle which narrows upward, moving to the lighter tones and finishing with the white shade at the top. The cap is decorated with the characteristic Lancome rose. Once you untwist the bottle, you see another surprise. The silicone wand looks like a swan’s [...]

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Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic

DESCRIPTION Diorshow Iconic Mascara is housed in a beautiful, silver bottle with impressive ornaments. The fancy tube conceals an innovative, patented by Dior, elastomer brush that aims at coating the shortest eyelashes and curling them up for a fan of lashes. The bristles are densely-arranged, which guarantees precisely-coated and curled [...]

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LANCOME – Hypnose Drama Mascara

DESCRIPTION Hypnose Drama is a mascara for makeup artists and women who love testing new, innovative products and value untypical solutions. It goes with a rare type of a brush – S-shaped. Such a shape of the wand requires a bit different approach to the eye makeup. You need to move the wand in different […]

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Lancôme Oscillation

DESCRIPTION Oscillation mascara is untypical. It’s been made for all women who go after perfection in makeup and desire flawless eyelashes. Lancome equipped the product with a vibrating wand which applies the entire lash makeup for us. You just place the wand at the lash base – gentle vibes deliver an even coating, ideal separation […]

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Benefit They`re Real!

DESCRIPTION They’re Real! Mascara is the pride of Benefit. The brand promises the effect of fake lashes so you can deceive the world – everyone’s going to wonder if these are your own lashes or falsies? Benefit Mascara received lots of prestigious awards e.g. for the best mascara of 2014. It was the best-seller in […]

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Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

DESCRIPTION Clinique Mascara is housed in an aesthetic, silver and minimalist packaging – typical to the brand. It’s not fancy yet tasteful, in a class of its own. What does the pretty, modern tube conceal? High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara has a silicone, straight wand with evenly and densely-arranged bristles. The brush is big in […]

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Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza

DESCRIPTION Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza is another product in the Lash Queen range. The black, chubby bottle is decorated with golden spots. This wild, ‘tiger’ design reveals the mascara’s purpose. A straight, wide brush with long, densely-arranged nylon bristles is intended for delivering an extravagant length and volume. [...]

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Bareminerals Flawless Definition Mascara

DESCRIPTION A black, matte, minimalist and aesthetic bottle houses a silicone, cone-shaped wand. Each individual hair of the bristle is conical. Such a shape lets you freely operate near the entire lash line for a precise effect of longer and nicely-separated lashes. Flawless Definition Mascara includes pure minerals and natural oil extracts [...]

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Collistar Mascara Infinito

DESCRIPTION Mascara Infinito is said to be one of the best products that have been launched by Collistar. A silicone wand with an ultra-thin, precisely and densely-arranged bristle surely makes for the mascara’s success. The brush has a traditional, simple shape and it slightly narrows upward. The bristles on one side have the same length […]

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Givenchy Phenomen’eyes

DESCRIPTION Givenchy Phenomen’eyes Mascara is untypical. It’s small, housed in a round, black bottle with a nice, silver top (decorated with geometrical design). It looks very tasteful and attracts attention with an untypical size. Still, it’s the thing that’s inside the tube that’s most surprising – a small, silicone wand. It’s got a shape of [...]

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Dior Diorshow Extase

DESCRIPTION The mascara is housed in a very elegant, golden, metal tube which is decorated with the Dior logo. The bottle looks luxury. According to the manufacturer, the mascara gives your lashes the ecstasy. The product features a special, thickening formula and a conditioning substance which ensures a nice appearance and good condition. [...]

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MAC Studio Fix Lash Mascara

DESCRIPTION MAC Mascara comes in a black, matte, plastic bottle with a subtle, brand’s logo and the mascara type info. The tube is minimalist yet very aesthetic. The bottle conceals a silicone wand with short and fairly densely-arranged bristles. It’s very stiff and doesn’t bend during the application. This is what intensifies the pressure on [...]

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Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume

DESCRIPTION Perfect Mascara Defining Volume has a very nice design. It’s housed in a black glossy bottle with white writings that reveal the brand and the mascara’s effects. There’s a nylon, classic wand inside. It’s straight, has evenly-arranged bristles and a bit narrower tip. Shiseido Mascara aims at increasing lash volume. Thanks to the [...]

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Perversion Urban Decay

DESCRIPTION Perversion Mascara comes in a simple, metallic, round, charcoal bottle. A gently-shimmering packaging looks nice but the violet, big writing looks a bit childish and resembles products for teenage girls. That’s why the mascara doesn’t look like a serious, tasteful cosmetic. Luckily, the brand didn’t use more of extra, strong [...]

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Arabesque Majestic Volume Mascara

DESCRIPTION Arabesque Majestic Volume Mascara is housed in a beautiful, gold tube with neat names of the brand and mascara. The packaging is very elegant and impressive. The bottle comes with a silicone wand. The brush’s bristles have an untypical arrangement – shorter on one side, longer on the other, resembling a lash comb. The […]

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Smashbox Maskara EYE BRIGHTENING

DESCRIPTION Smashbox Mascara comes in a black, plastic bottle with a big, silver name of the brand and mascara. There’s a silver star at the bottom which says a lot about the product’s effects but, too bad, it spoils the design. This is what degrades Smashbox Mascara among other mascaras. The product is equipped with […]

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E. Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara

DESCRIPTION Quattro Variable Lash Mascara looks quite simple and doesn’t attract attention with the packaging. It’s a black tube that slightly resembles a barrel. It has neat, white writings and looks just like hundreds of mascara bottles on drugstore shelves. Funkhouser conceals a secret, though. An innovative and creative silicone wand which [...]

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MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash

DESCRIPTION MAC says the mascara goes beyond all limits of blackness which is visible even on the packaging – an intensely-black, sleek tube with matte, black letters making up the brand’s logo. The mascara was made for giving the eyelashes a new dimension, delivering an extreme extension and volume. It’s supposed to happen thanks to […]

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Estēe Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume

DESCRIPTION Estēe Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume is one of the fourth Sumptuous products. This version has a light gold color, a tasteful, navy-blue stripe on the top and a subtle logo at the bottom of the bottle. The tube looks sublime and it’s nice to reach for the mascara every morning. Inside the bottle, there’s […]

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Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara

DESCRIPTION Diorshow Mascara is iconic. The choice of lots of women worldwide. In 2015, the mascara has gone through a make-over. It comes in a surprising diversity of shades – as many as eight deep and highly-pigmented hues (gray, classic black, two shades of sky blue and violet). Dior mascara has been enriched with unique […]

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Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme

DESCRIPTION Estee Lauder Mascara is housed in a golden bottle with navy-blue writing. There’s an elegant logo at the bottom. The design is neat and impressive. Boosting volume and lengthening are the mascara’s main tasks. Eyelashes are supposed to look like falsies that amaze with length, volume and fullness on the entire lash line. The […]

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

DESCRIPTION Too Faced Mascara attracts attention with a nice, powdery pink, metal bottle as well as with a provocative name. The mascara is supposed to be better than sex. In what way? Does the application bring fantastic experiences? Or maybe it guarantees desired effects? There’s one sure thing – the name temps to try the […]

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